Mads Vadsholt
Digital Art & Games



In the process of developing my biggest project to date, "The Forest Quartet," I had too little resources and too much ambtion. It turned out my only option was making smart choices that wouldn’t compromise quality. Since then, finding creative solutions is what keeps me passionate about my work.

Over the past decade, I've acquired a diverse skill set, mastering various tools. ​The versatility allows me to guide creative projects from ​start to ​finish. My expertise spans from sketching visual concepts to ​leading production and ​organizing teams. Finding the right mindset to steer a project in the best direction is crucial, and I am eager to bring that commitment to ​a creative challenge.


  • Born in Copenhagen (1992)
  • Became a graffiti writer.
  • Studied Computer Graphics at The Animation Workshop (2012-2015)
  • Started making video games in school.
  • Started my own video game studio “Mads & Friends” (2016)
  • Worked as a freelancer on multiple projects.
  • Released my first title: “The Forest Quartet” (2022)
  • Currently working on a second title. 
  • Have an ongoing passion for synthesizers.