︎ VIBORG 1146 

A VR experience about history, memory, and time
in collaboration with Viborg Museum &
PLASTIC Collective.

Jakob Tekla

Creative Director
Martina Scarpelli

VR Development
Mads Vadsholt, Lars Hemmingsen

Mads Vadsholt, Den Sorte Skole

Production Company
White Hole Theater, Late Love

︎ Running time 12 min.

Viborg 1146 is a VR experience that creates identification and understanding across time connecting you and me in the present with people in different times and places. How can we connect to our historical past, so it feels more present and relevant? How can we bring spectators to better understand the narratives that have led us forward to the society of today? To pick up the challenge we used virtual reality to create an experience that enhances the feeling of  the past in audible and visible ways. By making a direct connection, viewers, feel like being there and actively relate to the past, understanding it in a new context.